Perfect for Everyone

Oviex is an user-friendly trading venue established for all, from newbies to pros.


Fiat Gateway

Connect your bank accounts to Oviex to join and exit the crypto markets as you wanted.


Peace of Mind

Oviex stores 99% of cryptocurrencies, funds and assets in an secure cold wallet.


Low Fees

Oviex’s fee structure is reasonable and competitive to offer Oviex traders the most delightful experience.


Breakdown of OVI Recipients



A well-structured cryptocurrency ecosystem consist years of hard work from the expert. To put Oviex into live we are backed by a team of brilliant talents.
Alexander Markow

Peter Stewart
Director & Secretary

David Mike
General Manager


Creative and dedicated people


Years of planning and execution


Years of blockchain experience
Steps to

Start Trading on Oviex

  • Registration

    Register your account by entering the required information.

  • Login

    After account creation, log in with your username and password.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    For security purpose, fill and complete KYC before you start trading.

  • Trading

    FUpon completion of KYC, you may enjoy prompt, credible and secure trading.


Simple yet Comprehensive Trading

Trade in the spot and margin markets with advanced funding alternatives, prompt execution and high liquidity.

Client Dashboard

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Scrutinise buy-sell prices of crypto assets in order book
  • Check all cryptocurrency balances in your hot wallet.

Order Book

  • View the list of supply and demand with pending authorization
  • Show multiple cryptocurrency fund balance at a single view
  • Display cryptocurrency node balance overview for various cryptocurrencies
  • Illustrate buy list summary.
  • Comprehensive profile disclosure such as name, Email, phone and referrals at personal centre.

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What sets our

Exchange Platform apart?


Multi-currencies support

Oviex supports diverse cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and TUSD, along with fiat currency such as US Dollar and Euro, enabling traders to trade preferred cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere.


A powerful Matching mechanism

Oviex is supported by efficient and effective matching engine that matches buy and sell orders within seconds.


Payment Gateway Implementation

Implementation of Payment Gateway into Oviex to ease fiat-to-crypto transactions.


2FA Authentication

With 2FA, Oviex safeguards access of authorized user, ensuring highly secure trading of cryptocurrencies


Multiple Layers of Security

Oviex is backed by security features like HTTP authentication, anti-denial of service (DoS), protestation to the exchange from large requests, data encryption, encryption of data transmission to secure users’ credentials as well as other private and confidential information.


Multi-Language Support

Oviex’s allows traders to select your preferred language, which is more user-friendly to ease your understanding in the trading process.

Trade and Access Anywhere

All the power of Oviex cryptocurrency exchange lies within your hand. Download the Oviex mobile crypto trading app today for Android and iOS. Deposit, withdraw, and trade 24/7 with Oviex mobile app. Fully compatible with Android and iOS.

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